Casual Double High C
Trumpet Method

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Doc's Page and Destino Day's at San Jac

Caricature by David Wheeler

Bob Odneal

Jazz great Maynard Ferguson
said of Bob Odneal

"He's a talented performer
and a great personality
who is welcome on the bandstand
with me anytime!"

Bob Odneal playing up to Double C's dropping off to low C
on a "Around Midnight"
Slow tempo. Testing two horns

On April 30th, 2007 the San Jacinto South Jazz Ens. presented a Maynard Tribute
on the stage at San Jacinto College South where MF last played in Houston.
During the concert, pictures of Maynard through the years were projected on a
giant screen behind us. CARUSO was one of my offering as I know Maynard
loved to play operatic type melodies.
I was accompanied by San Jac's young great pianist,
Danny Taufer.

Hear Bob play "CARUSO" and many other YouTube
videos demos and concerts with Maynard Ferguson and Doc Severinsen.

Mike Stubbs, Doc Severinsen and Bob Odneal
Buglar's Holiday
Robert E. Lee High School 1969
Baytown, Texas
Charles E. Forque, Band Director
Listen to mp3 of Bugler's Holiday